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French-born Danièle Ryman is widely recognised as the world’s leading aromatherapist and is a global media authority on aromatherapy, aromacology and health and beauty. She is the author of six books (printed in 18 languages) and creates products for major companies, her own brand and private clients, as well as giving advice and lectures on industry issues and trends in health and beauty.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman )生于法国,是当今世界广泛认可的芳香治疗师领袖,在芳香治疗、芳香学、健康、美容等领域拥有全球影响力。她已经出版的6本书被译成18种语言,她拥有自己的品牌和高端客户,她为健康和美容领域的企业和机构进行咨询和演讲。

Danièle has appeared regularly on television and radio and her work features in major media titles including Vogue, Tatler, the Guardian, the Independent and the Wall Street Journal. The Times acknowledges her as ‘the undisputed Queen of Aromatherapy.’ Danièle has also won numerous international industry awards for her work, including the coveted Courvoisier Award for ‘Best Innovative Product’.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman)经常出现在电视、电台和Vogue, Tatler, the Guardian, the Independent   和the Wall Street Journal等时尚杂志的。她被时代杂志誉为“最无可争辩的芳疗女王”。她凭借其作品荣获无数国际工业大奖,其中包括拿破仑干邑的最佳创新奖。

With this unparalleled reputation and experience, Danièle consults to some of the largest international retail, manufacturing, cosmetic, hospitality and airline corporations.
       凭借着无与伦比的声望和经验,丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman )跻身于大型国际零售、制造、美容、酒店和航空公司。

Danièle attended the Institute des Beaux Arts in Paris. She worked with, and became the protégée of, the legendary pioneer of aromatherapy, Marguerite Maury, as well as with Caroline Colliard, the renowned creator of Decléor products.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman)早年进入巴黎的一家美容艺术学院学习,师承于芳香疗法的传奇人物玛格丽特﹒莫莉Marguerite Maury并和她一起工作,同时还和著名的思妍丽(Decléor)创始人科罗拉﹒柯丽尔(Caroline Colliard)一起工作。
In the early 1980’s she was the first to research and develop a range of natural products and treatments, to help passengers and airline crew members combat the effects of jetlag and travel fatigue. Programmes and products were introduced to 15 of her airline clients.
       上世纪九十年代,丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman)是最早研制天然产品和护理,帮助航空公司职员和乘客客服时差、旅行疲劳所带来的不适,其产品和项目进入到15家航空公司。

Danièle has worked with many household names and created a product range for Marks & Spencer: aromacology health and beauty products, perfumes, candles, travel products and gift lines. She was also appointed by Boots the Chemist to create and develop a premium range of aromatherapy anti-ageing and anti-cellulite, health and beauty products.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼( Danièle Ryman)从面膜到上衣为很多家居品牌工作,范围极为广泛,涉及芳香学的健康、美容产品、香水、蜡烛、旅游产品和礼品等。她也为布特Boots研制了一套芳疗抗衰老产品作为其奖励。

Danièle’s private clients include members of Royal families, as well as international sporting, television and film celebrities.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman)的私人客户不仅有皇室成员,还包括国际体育明星、电视和电影明星。

Danièle’s ongoing work reflects her passion for research and the development and creation of innovative concepts. She is currently writing her new book, ‘The Gift’.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman)在研究、推动、生产创新性产品中投入满腔热情,目前她正在撰写一本名为《礼物》的书。

Danièle is Patron of the George Eliot Hospital, NHS Trust (Art for Health’s Sake), and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.
       丹尼尔﹒瑞曼 (Danièle Ryman)是乔治﹒艾略特(George Eliot) 医院的合作者,是英国全民健康保障体系NHS的信任成员,是化妆品科学委员会委员。